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''Life without horses is no life at all.''

Here's a little bit about me:

My life with horses.

Crispin Mould All Horse Photography

Me riding 'Cas' Multi-Champion ridden Arab. ^ 

Throughout my career, I've dedicated my expertise to various roles within the equestrian world.
My love of horses started with my pony. In my late teens, I acquired BHS qualifications. 
I went on to manage livery yards, with a mixture of horses and ponies.
Then driving horses, including a noteworthy stint at the Royal Mews Windsor, where I had the privilege of driving with the late Duke of Edinburgh.
For many years, I managed a distinguished private Arabian show and breeding yard, working with stallions, mares and foals, and breaking youngsters. I produced and showed ridden horses that achieved many wins at both National and International level, including Horse of the Year Show.
I am on a number of judging panels.
This life long time spent with horses has provided me with a broad spectrum of experience. This journey has afforded me an exceptional understanding of bringing out the best in them, deciphering their thoughts, and appreciating the unique bond between horse and owner.


My life with horses, and a camera.

Crispin Mould All Horse Photography

I have been taking photographs since my early teens. It all began with capturing images of my family and of course my pony. This evolved into converting the cupboard under the stairs into a makeshift darkroom. Where I would immerse myself in the amber glow, surrounded by the distinct aroma of photographic chemicals.
My first "proper camera," was equipped with its own built-in light meter. This meant I had to meticulously adjust the camera settings based on the readings from the meter. It was a valuable learning experience, devoid of any auto settings on the camera, forcing me to master the fundamentals of photography. Those early days, spent in the pursuit of the perfect shot, laid the foundation for my enduring passion for photography.
Reluctantly at first, transitioning to digital photography, I embraced the convenience it offered, especially allowing me to capture an array of moments without the limitations of the 36 frames on a roll of film.
My unwavering love for equine photography continued. Capturing the horses under my care, particularly the foals for the owner who lived in Saudi Arabia and was keen to see his foals grow.

As my portfolio grew, friends and colleagues started requesting horse photography services at stables and shows. This organic demand eventually transformed my passion into a small, rewarding business.

Today, I specialise in capturing special moments of horses and their owners, creating timeless keepsakes to be treasured forever.

Crispin Mould All Horse Photography

I have had my photographs published
a number of magazines.

Crispin Mould All Horse Photography

Photographer for The Horsemanship Showcase.

Crispin Mould All Horse Photography

Photographer for Windsor Carriages

Crispin Mould All Horse Photography

Racing Stable visits.

Crispin Mould All Horse Photography

Stud visits. Get photos of your foal, 
they soon grow up!

Crispin Mould All Horse Photography

This photograph was used by the 
King's Troop RHA on their recruiting

Hampshire Horse Photography

Besides my love of horses and photography, I have a great passion and appreciation for equestrian art, and the renowned artists such as George Stubbs, Alfred Munnings and many more. I feel that I can learn valuable lessons about light and composition from these outstanding artists.

My aim when photographing is to produce a great picture that will evoke emotion and tell a story, not just a record of what I see.

I still find immense joy in photographing horses, exploring the interplay of light and colour purely for my own pleasure.

I am an equine photographer. Some horse photographers shoot weddings, families or do some studio work etc. along with their equine work. I choose to specialise.
With years of experience, I find immense joy photographing horses, along with their owners. Doing what horses do, looking wonderful! After all, when you love what you do, excellence follows naturally. So I stick to what I do best, horses.
I steer clear of show photography, as I do not enjoy it, (if you don't enjoy something you will not do it well).
Yet, there's an exception to every rule – and for me, it's dogs. If you bring your dog along with your horse during our session, I'd be thrilled to capture them too. Horses and dogs often make a delightful pair, and I have experience photographing both. Let's create some wonderful memories together! (making work for myself again, I love a challenge).
Hampshire Horse Photography
''A photograph is the pause button of life.''
Hampshire Horse Photography
Hampshire Horse Photography
Hampshire Horse Photography
Hampshire Horse Photography
Hampshire Horse Photography
Hampshire Horse Photography


'Thrilled with the artistic touch of Crispin Mould Photography, who beautifully captures our horses in their working day for my Windsor business.

Highly recommend Crispin's talent for equine photography.''

                                                                          Rebecca Seear, Owner Windsor Carriages

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