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''Photography is about being patient. I'm quiet, I watch the situation,
I let things happen and photograph them naturally.''
Here's what I have been doing and photographing lately:-
March: Launched my new website on Facebook. 
April: 2 days spent photographing a Ben Atkinson clinic, at Merriest Wood.
With an evening performance with Ben and some of his liberty horses.
April: A great afternoon at Parham point to point. I love photographing 
    point to points. I can get a lot closer to the action than at a race course.
May: A day spent at the best horse show, Royal Windsor. I photographed the Arab show classes in the morning. At the end of the day I photographed probably one of my favourite equestrian subjects The Kings Troop RHA. I have photographed these horses many times over the years, and seen their Musical Drive more times than I can remember. I decided not to watch the drive, but to wait a few hundred yards from the arena to catch the gun teams as they galloped out.
The noise, the smell, the ground shakes, an unforgettable sight. I was covered in grit and mud, but it was worth it.
May: A most enjoyable day spent at Georgian Arabians, down  in Somerset. I had the pleasure of photographing some of the  beautiful Arabian mares as they were turned out in the  summer fields, after the long stay in their winter quarters,  since it had been so wet this winter.
Meeting up with old friends again>>
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