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''Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.''
All about your photo shoot.  I would like you to enjoy the whole process, not just the end result.
Crispin Mould All Horse Photography

It's your photo shoot. 
My aim is for the session to be fun and stress-free!
It's all about what you want, though I have plenty of creative ideas.
 Please feel free to share your vision, and let's capture the perfect moments of you and your horse together, (or just your horse). You know how you would like to see him/her, in hand, ridden or at liberty, or all three.
I thrive on challenges and welcome your creative photo shoot ideas. Together, I am confident we can capture that special photograph, providing you with a timeless memory, and wonderful picture to cherish for years to come.

I understand that you may have some questions in preparation for your upcoming shoot.
I am here to address any queries you may have or to discuss any concerns either by phone or email.
Prior to the big day, we'll have a conversation
by phone or in person, to ensure all your questions are answered, and I can better understand your preferences and expectations for the shoot.
Feel free to reach out anytime. There's no such thing as a daft question. 
– I'm here to make the process smooth and enjoyable for you."

''I'm not sure if my horse will stand still long enough for a good photograph.''
Rest assured, your horse's well-being is my top priority during our photography sessions.
With a patient and relaxed approach, we can provide ample time for your horse to unwind and explore their surroundings.
If you think about it, a photograph will only take about 1/500th of a second!!!

Crispin Mould All Horse Photography
Crispin Mould All Horse Photography
Crispin Mould All Horse Photography

''My stable yard has no good backgrounds or views for photographs, so I'm worried that the photos

will not look good.''
I am very used to this problem, and have had plenty of experience at finding appropriate surroundings for my photographs,
I am very conscious of backgrounds, and have a good eye for detail, so understand how important they are to a good overall photograph.  We have lots of time, so if we need to, can go for a walk or a ride and find a suitable backdrop, or even better, a pleasing view. If you wish I could always meet you at a location of your choice.

''What happens if it's forecast to rain on the day of our shoot,
Do I have to fit in with you for a time for the shoot, for the best light?''
If it looks like it is going to rain, we can just reschedule for another day, no one, equine or human are going to look good sopping wet, and you're not going to enjoy the day.
I am happy to fit in with you regarding the time we start. I never plan anything else on the day of a shoot. From a photographic point of view, the light is better in late afternoon / early evening, everything looks better in the evening light, but I can handle any time of the day.

Crispin Mould All Horse Photography
Crispin Mould All Horse Photography

''I don't like having my photograph taken, will I have to pose, and follow instructions?''
I aim to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere during your photo shoot, we can focus on capturing authentic moments between you and your horse. I am happy to suggest ideas that may help, but minimal posing is preferred, allowing for spontaneous, candid shots that highlight the genuine bond you share. The best shots often happen naturally, between planned moments. Spending quality time with one of your best friends, your horse, should bring genuine joy and makes for amazing photos. It's all about capturing those happy moments!

''What should I wear for my photos?''
This really is up to you. We have time for a few changes of outfits. 

Here are some ideas:-Casual, and relaxed?

Then how about dressing very smart, clothes that you wouldn't normally wear around your horse.

From experience, too much black or white does not photograph well. Pastel colours look more pleasing.

I'm open to all your ideas, and we can chat more about it in our pre-shoot conversation.

Let's make it a style that feels uniquely you!
Even a bit of fancy dress, if you fancy! My shoot with an angel holding a unicorn was great fun!

Crispin Mould All Horse Photography
Crispin Mould All Horse Photography

''Do we need someone to help?''
Having a friend or family member along for your shoot would be fantastic! Their assistance is very useful for getting your horse to look in the right direction – it's all about those ears!
Plus, they can lend a hand with anything unexpected and be a great companion for you, adding
some fun to your day. It's all about making the experience
enjoyable and capturing those perfect moments.


Crispin Mould All Horse Photography

I know lots of ways of getting your horse to ''look'',  It all about the ears forward.
Feed, plastic bags, strange noises etc.
My trusted umbrella often does the job,
but as you can see from this photograph,
  not always!!!  >>>>

Crispin Mould All Horse Photography

''Can I add other people into my shoot?''
Yes. I would be delighted to photograph your horse with your family and friends, also including your dogs or any other pets you'd like to include in the session. Let's create lasting memories together!

If you're fortunate to have more than one horse, let's photograph them together. We can discuss the details during our pre-shoot chat. Looking forward to it!

''Can I have any of my photos in black and white?''
Absolutely! I'm pleased to offer the option of editing your photos in both colour and black and white, catering to your preferences.
Crispin Mould All Horse Photography
Crispin Mould All Horse Photography
Crispin Mould All Horse Photography
''Do you 'do' black background shots?''
You'll notice a recurring theme in my gallery – black background shots. We can normally find a
ideal location for these dramatic contrasts, stable, barn or even a hedge  (if the sun is in the right place).
This technique, known as chiaroscuro in art (Italian, light and dark), plays with bold light and dark contrasts, creating compelling compositions. Explore the timeless beauty of chiaroscuro photography in my work, (just showing off now!)

Ultimately, I aim to capture breath-taking images
that will look stunning displayed on your wall.
''Crispin's many years of professional work with horses, from riding, driving, showing, to stud work and judging coupled with his passion for all things equine and artistic eye mean his photos all have a uniquely natural feel to them.
He has a real talent in showing a horses character and capturing the relationship between horse and human.
Crispin's comfort and ease around horses, his quiet dry humour, patience and totally unflappable nature make it a really pleasant experience for all concerned. I highly recommend him.''
Maria Olarte.
Crispin Mould All Horse Photography
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